School Vision

At Donnington Wood Infant School & Nursery we aim to:

  • ensure that teaching and learning are of the highest possible quality
  • make learning vivid, real, enjoyable and challenging in a secure and supportive environment that develops happiness and a sense of caring. 
  • ensure that each child has an equal chance to succeed and access to a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum that is driven by their needs, regardless of race, gender and ability.
  • help every child develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge they will need to fulfil their potential as motivated, confident and independent learners for life.
  • develop positive self-esteem, confidence and an awareness of self worth and pride in achievements. 
  • prepare every child to take their place as responsible, caring people in our ever changing society through promoting good relationships, high expectations and encouraging a positive attitude to life. 
  • have high expectations for pupils and support them in achieving high standards which are reflected in the quality of their work, behaviour, attitudes and relationships.
  • ensure that staff are valued, work effectively as a team and are committed to their own and the children’s development.
  • create a partnership with home based upon respect and trust; encourage all parents to value and be involved in their child’s education.
  • build strong links and partnerships within the local community and the wider world.
  • ensure that staff, children, parents, governors and the wider community work together to actively promote and further develop our shared vision.