Times of the day

Times of the School Day


Full-time school

  8:45               School doors open (you are encouraged to come into school with your child)

  8:55               Registration 

  9.05               Assembly

  10:30              Playtime

  12:00 – 1:00    Lunchtime

  3:00               Home Time

It is expected that all children be brought to, and met from, school by parents or a responsible adult.

At home time parents are requested to wait outside the building not in the corridor or entrance hall.  Children in Year 2 (Class 1 & 2) are collected from their outside classroom doors (parents are asked to wait on the playground). Children in Year 1 (Class 3 & 4) are collected from the main doors. Children in Reception (Class 5&6) are collected from the bottom doors. Any child with an older sibling will be sent to join them for collection at the end of the day. The teachers will make sure that your child is safe. Please notify school immediately if there is a change in the person collecting your child. We will not hand over any child without parental consent.



8:30     Nursery morning session (you are encouraged to come in and stay for a while)

11:20    doors open for collecting children

11:30    morning Nursery session ends


12:15    Nursery afternoon session (you are encouraged to come in and stay for a while)

3:05     doors open for collecting children

3:15      afternoon Nursery session ends


If your child is going to be absent for the day due to illness, please phone the school before 9:00 to let us know.