Class 3 Year 1

Welcome to class 3

Our teachers are:   Mrs Jones on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Mrs Marshall on Thursday,  Friday

Our teaching assistant is: Miss Tibbetts.

Mrs Tibbetts also works in class 3 as a teaching assistant. 


P.E. is on:  Wednesday and Fridays. Please ensure the children have the appropriate clothing in school.

Willow School is on: Wednesday

Please ensure the children have the appropriate clothing in school for P.E. and Willow School


Homework: Is given out on a Tuesday and due back on the following Monday.


Literacy:  we will be looking at stories, poems and information writing.

Maths:  we will be learning to about counting, addition and subtraction and naming shapes.


Reading: Children will read at school each week and will be given a reading book for home.

They will have a reading journal for you and school to record how they have got on.

Please ensure reading journals are sent to school everyday and all reading books are returned.

Children will not be given a new book to read at home until they have returned their old one, which needs to be scanned out.

Children will win PRIZES the more they read!!


Topic:  This half term our topic is 'What if everything was made of Lego?'  We are learning about toys.

This term we will have a Lego day where we will build with Lego and use this to enhance our writing.