Our EYFS curriculum

Our EYFS curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that it meets the needs of our community and the requirements of the revised EYFS framework. As a staff team we have worked together to ensure that our curriculum is based on knowledge of child development and that learning builds on previous experiences. The sequencing of learning using small steps means that staff are clear about progression, prior learning and defined end-points which meet age related expectations. Our progression and planning documents have been used by our EYFS lead when working with other settings to develop their curriculum. Our Curriculum runs seamlessly into our KS1 curriculum.

Using our clear progression of skills across prime and core areas, staff create learning opportunities which engage and excite pupils, reflecting their high expectations and aspirations. We recognise that repetition and revisiting helps embed children’s learning.

We carefully structure our day to balance short adult-led learning, with longer child-led sessions. We expect both approaches to foster the characteristics of effective learning and produce deep level learning. We understand progression in the skills needed across the Prime (Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language) and Core areas (Mathematics, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World) and plan accordingly. We organise a wide variety of experiences (both in and out of school) to enable children’s development in coherent sequences.

Developing spoken language skills and vocabulary is a priority for many children and is woven through all areas of learning. Clear modelling, intentional vocabulary development and opportunities to rehearse enable children to develop language skills. Interventions are used effectively to support those children with greatest need. In addition to bespoke interventions, staff are currently using the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) in Reception.

We understand what research tells us; that reading, writing and maths must be purposeful and connected to real-life situations for young children to learn. Revisiting and repetition are crucial for long-term memory. We believe that to enhance our literacy and maths skills, our Prime areas must be well taught and fostered. As such we plan for exquisitely beautiful continuous provision and exceptionally engaging adult-led sessions. Developing a love of reading and the ability to communicate clearly is at the heart of all we do.

Challenge and risk taking are important alongside developing respect for others and the wider world. A strong emphasis on first-hand experiences is enhanced by half-termly visits, visitors or experiences which enrich learning and provide opportunities to develop Cultural Capital. Staff are reflective and they meet at the end of every session to discuss what worked / what needs adjusting and how it could be improved for the benefit of the children.


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