As parents you have an important role to play in helping us secure a high level of attendance. Regular school attendance is vital if pupils are to benefit fully from the opportunities which school offers them.

We celebrate good attendance and punctuality each week. We award a weekly attendance cup to the class with the best attendance. We also award an ‘Early Bird’ to the class with the best punctuality. The winners of the awards are included in the weekly newsletter. We also present 97% and 100% attendance certificates at the end of each term.

We keep detailed and accurate records regarding pupil attendance. If you arrive late you will need to come to the school office and sign in. It is vital that we are informed by telephone if your child is absent for any reason. We endeavour to make contact with parents on the first day that a child is absent and no reason has been given. Absences where no reason is given will be recorded as unauthorised.

Registers are monitored regularly by staff in school and we are working very hard in partnership with the local authority to improve our school attendance. If we have concerns about a child's attendance we will make contact with parents and offer additional support. There may be occasions, particularly when no improvements have been made, when the concerns may be assessed for legal action or parents issued with a Penalty Notice if their children have unauthorised absence from school.

Parent leaflet about attendance

Is my child too ill for school?

Top Tips for Keeping Well 



It is really important that children arrive on time for nursery and school. Just a few minutes late can impact on learning and progress.                                                           

Doors for nursery are open 8:30-8:45 and 12:15-12:30 each day.  

Doors for school are open 8:40-8:45. Registers in school are taken at 8:45.

If you arrive and the door is closed you must go to the school office and sign your child in. School staff will take your child to school or nursery.                     


Leave in term time

Parents should apply to the Headteacher for any request for leave in term time by completing a request form (link below or available from school). The Government has renewed appeals to parents not to take their children out of school during term time.  The Governors and Headteacher of the school support this and have decided that students will only be given permission to take leave in term time if there are exceptional circumstances.  Each application will be considered and the Headteacher will determine the duration of any leave if it is agreed and authorised. However, if the application is not agreed and the absence occurs the dates will be unauthorised. Parents will be notified of any decision in writing. This notification may be hand delivered directly to the parent or posted to the parents home address. If you wish to discuss particular extenuating circumstances with the Headteacher, please make an appointment.

As a school we are asked to inform you that, in line with Telford and Wrekin Council Policy, unauthorised absence may be subject to a penalty notice fine of £60 payable per parent, per child, increasing to £120 each if not paid within 21 days. If this fine is not paid within 28 days this may lead to court proceedings.

To download a form to request a leave of absence in term time click here.