Parent partnership

EYFS is the building block for the rest of the school both in terms of the child’s learning and development and in the relationships, we build with families. We work tirelessly to build trust, positive attitudes to learning knowing that our work is the first welcoming step into the school as a whole is pivotal to a child’s success.

For may of our children their parents are their first educator. They have been with their child since birth, comforted them and taught them everything they now. Therefore, our parents can offer us a wealth of knowledge into the life of their child. 

During transition into Nursery parents are able to spend time with the teacher to share their knowledge of their child and the amazing things they can do. We also encourage parents to share any concerns they have about their child when they feel comfortable to do so. Although we have a clear transition plan for our 2s and 3 and 4s Nursery we recognise for children but also sometimes for parents this can be an anxious time. We work with individual families to ensure that both children and parents feel comfortable separating from each other offering shorter session and phone calls where needed.

On average around 70% of our Reception children attend our Nursery, therefore transition for the children is carried out during Nursery sessions. We also offer Parents a telephone conversation with their child’s new teacher to enable them to begin to form a relationship. For families new to our school a tour of the Reception classes is available and a phone call from their teacher. As in Nursery we always work with our parents to reassure them and ensure they feel comfortable leaving their child in our care.

To ensure communication is regular we use Tapestry an online journal. We regularly post observations to parents to share what their child has been learning. Parent engagement with Tapestry is good and parents are encouraged to share observations from home or comment on our observations. We have found that when parents use Tapestry to its full potential, we are able to form good relationships with parents and a broader insight into a child’s abilities.

Our school newsletter keeps parents up to date with attendance, events and achievements in school. We also share news with our parents through Face book and Twitter.

Our Pupil and Family Support Team offer parents opportunities to engage with school and the community. Recently we have offered parents:

  • Christmas crafts
  • EAL course
  • BEAM advice session
  • ADHD advice clinic


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