The learning environment

A calm yet high energy atmosphere is created where high levels of engagement and sustained concentration are seen throughout. We select resources, whilst minimising set up so that staff are released to pour their energise into high quality interactions during the day. Resources are linked logically to the learning intentions or skills progression currently underway whilst also providing open-ended scenarios so that children can follow their own imagination or lines of enquiry, and be challenged or supported at any moment.


Staff are meticulous about the learning environment, inside and out, and recognise the importance this plays in a child’s learning and development. Staff think carefully about resources, the environment and the benefits these can have in enabling learning but are also mindful that too much can overload the brain.


Staff have carefully observed children and how they use different areas. We have ensured there is a range of different environments to meet children’s physical needs. Floor activities and tables with or without chairs, at different heights encourages children to have ‘tummy time’, to squat or kneel at a variety of height surfaces. There are many standing desk surfaces; this not only supports their physical development, but also facilitates their ‘willingness to have a go’ and helps them develop their interpersonal skills, since many more children gather round an activity that interests them, rather than being restricted by the number of chairs. The external areas have been designed to develop core stability and upper body strength. There are places to climb, hang and roll.


Children are physically active. The learning environment is large and includes an onsite Willow School and Rainbow Garden created during lockdown. Our Willow School provides yet another opportunity for holistic learning which includes Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional and Spiritual. We are delighted our youngest children are cultivating a love for the outdoors through their Willow School sessions, which is so important for future physical and mental wellbeing, including respect for and care of the environment.

All reception children have 1 hour of PE a week taught by the class teacher and a PE session taught by our Cross Bar coaches. In addition to the physical opportunities available in Nursery, the nursery children use the school hall weekly for physical activity. 


Video tours are available of Nursery and Reception by clicking the links on the front page of the website.

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