First Aid, Illness and Medication

Accidents or illness

We have a number of trained first aiders on our school staff and nursery.  Our current First Aiders are:

Mrs France

Mrs Goddard

Mrs Hallett

Mrs Hannington

Mrs Harper

Miss Morrissey

Miss Parton

Mrs Woodwardsmith


We will always inform you if your child has needed first aid attention during the day. We will always make contact with you during the school day if your child becomes unwell and needs to go home or to the doctor.

If your child has been unwell with sickness or diarrhoea during the night (or early morning), you must keep them at home for 48 hours from the last time they were ill, to ensure a full recovery has taken place.

It is essential that we have the correct address and telephone numbers for you in the event of an emergency.


Medicine or Tablets

Please inform the office if your child has ongoing medical needs (whether or not they require medication) so that we can ensure we make appropriate provision for your child. A display by the main first aid area gives brief information about ongoing medical needs so that all staff are aware. Training is provided for staff as necessary for inhalers, EpiPen etc.

Inhalers as treatment for asthma and hay fever, which are to be taken during the school day, must be named and are kept in the classroom with the child for ease of access. Inhalers must be in their original box with the prescription sticker.  If your child has asthma we ask you to bring to school a copy of their asthma health care plan.  We will then ask you to complete school care plan to assist us in caring for your child.

In special circumstances, medicines will also be administered in school. This is usually if the medicine is needed to be taken 4 times per day. 3 doses per day should be dealt with by parents at home. Calpol or other such medicines purchased over the counter may be given during the day at school. Parents must take all medicines (both prescribed and non-prescribed) to the school office and fill out a permission form.


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